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My Sauce Story



Sunday Sauce was conceived when I decided to take everything I know about food and beverage and put it into a lifestyle brand that embodies who I am as a person. 


Growing up in an Italian family some of my fondest memories were made in the kitchen. Everyone in my family can cook, and don’t ask me who’s the best because i’d never say. We each have our specialties.

No matter what happened during the week we would always all get together on Sunday for pasta and usually some type of chicken cutlet, a salad (which we always ate last) with a red sauce that had homemade sausage, meatballs and my Grandma Betty would make braciola. I never realized how special those moments were to who I am today until I sat down and started thinking about what i’m passionate about. Aside from music, family and food are at the top of that list. 


Sunday Sauce isn’t just about sauce. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about staying true to your roots and passing on core family values. It’s about living life while enjoying all of its precious moments, especially on Sundays. 

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